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Wetherby Computer PC systems are built to your specific requirements, specifications and budget ...

Desktop PC Line upWetherby Computer Services is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality desktop computers, laptops, tablets, components, consumables, software and all other related services currently available at the very best prices in the area.


We are happy to be able to boast 100% customer satisfaction with thousands of satisfied customers (both home/residential users and businesses of all sizes), all content in the knowledge that we are there for them every step of the way.


We find that a lot of our customers bring their old PC's in to us to have their old data and software transferred to their new system. Unlike some Acrylic Desktop PC from Wetherby Computersother manufacturers we do NOT charge extra for this very useful service.


All our new desktops, laptops and tablets include free delivery, installation and setup in the Wetherby area. This includes connecting your new computer to your internet connection, compatible printers, scanners, etc and many other devices.


If you are unsure about what is included please contact us for more details.



Please call us on 01937 584 136 to discuss how we can help you with data transfers. We are specialists in this particular field.



Hand Built Desktop PCs to Meet Your Exact Needs & Budget ...

Custom Desktops from Wetherby Computers

Prices correct as of February 2013


All of our systems are built individually, by hand. After you have chosen the individual components and chosen your colour scheme, case etc they are subjected to our 100 point checklist on our Diagnostic "Static-FREE" test bench and then installed with the latest industry standard diagnostic test software which runs "burnin" tests continuously for over 12 hours.


Something which we find to be very important is updating core system updates. After all software and drivers have been loaded we connect your new PC to our high speed broadband network and run high speed updates for mainboard BIOS, windows updates, driver programs, firewall updates, anti virus updates and any other necessary software updates available.


As far as we are aware we are the only company we know of which has this policy in place. The result of this procedure is that you, the customer, receives a computer which is completely up to date. Therefore You Are NOT required to Perform BIG EXPENSIVE complicated downloads !


All our new desktop computers include our home delivery service which includes:

  • Free delivery to your home or business (within the Wetherby area)
  • Connection to your existing broadband
  • Connection to any compatible printers in the property
  • Connection of any additional peripherals that you already own.


We find that this keeps our customers happy as they are NOT confronted with huge downloads to make their anti virus work efficiently for example.


We set up everything for you. From Core System updates and correct power management settings to the latest self-updating software, we do everything for you. BEFORE you get your new PC.


There is no possibility of "Friday afternoon jobs" with us. Every single machine is put under the most intense diagnostic tests before even being considered for release to the public.


We only partner ourselves with manufacturers who have proven track records of quality and reliability. This enables us to have complete faith in the products and services that we offer to you.


We will be with you all the way from the very start to guide you through the process of deciding exactly what you need and the things you don't!


It can be a nightmare trying to figure out exactly what you want and need, and how you want it. It becomes even worse when you get conflicting advice from "so-called" professionals.


We are here to provide FREE HONEST ADVICE for anyone, so you can rest assured that even if you wish to purchase a Computer System from someone else, we will ALWAYS give you our honest impartial advice about what best suits your needs, wants AND budget.




Our advice is always freely available and we aim to get you where you want to be, From initial design to successful completion, we do it


Whatever your requirements are, please feel free to call or email us with your requirements. We will do our best to provide you with the product or service that you need at a price that will keep you happy.


Every single customer we have is a recommending us to others every day.

Why not join them?


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