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Computer, Tablet and Smartphone Servicing, Repair & Upgrades

Repaired Desktop PCs Ready for CollectionWe install new software for you or get rid of annoying old software that has you stumped. We come up against problematic aged software every day so we have a lot of experience with eliminating troublesome outdated software or the latest backdoor spyware software.


We treat viruses with the contempt they deserve and provide firewall protection for you in the future. Keeping you safe on the internet is of paramount importance to us.


Data Recovery is another speciality of ours, whether its from a PC or a Laptop, we can virtually guarantee data recovery from any situation including: file deletion, computer failure, hard drive failure, viruses, trojans and spyware. Of course the best way not to lose data is to back it up - read about our Cloud Backup Service here.


Forgotten your password or had some nice person change it for you? Give us a call on 01937 - 584 136 to discuss your individual requirements. Remember this, if we can't do it, we do NOT charge you, simple as that !

If We Can't Do it - We Don't Charge You !

iPad RepairWe only sell the finest components from the best manufacturers available.


We hold all the mainstream products in stock as you would expect from any high street computer manufacturer, but what makes us extra special is our wide range of suppliers which enables us to be able to source virtually anything from cmos button batteries to widescreen 3D/Smart televisions at rock bottom prices.


We also perform smartphone and tablet repairs. So if you have dropped your Ipad or red-ringed your Xbox, come and see what we can do to make your life easier. Please see our "No Fix - No Fee" explanation page here.


We can source virtually any component that you can imagine. Please call us on 01937 - 584 136 to give us an opportunity to quote for any item that you are having trouble finding. If you aren't sure exactly what it is that you need, then we can guide you through the technology maze to find the exact item you need.


Our free impartial advice is well known throughout the local area for being exactly that - impartial!


If you aren't sure exactly which part you need then rest assured that we will guide you accurately and comfortably through the maze of PC jargon.


If you know exactly what it is that you are after then please click HERE to go straight to our contact page and get in touch with us.



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We also supply Broadband and Internet to Wetherby and beyond - click here


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