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Wetherby Computers No Fix No Fee

At Wetherby Computers we operate a very simple "No Fix - No Fee" principle which we always explain to customers.


If the remedial work that we are to undertake is not successful then we will not charge you for our time and efforts.


We are confident after performing many thousands of repairs that we can very accurately gauge what repairs will be effective and which will not.


There are exceptions to this rule which, again, we always make clear to anyone we speak with.


If the work that you wish us to undertake can NOT be guaranteed by us then we will make this very clear before we do anything.

Don't throw it away! Check with Wetherby Computers FIRST!

Typical jobs that we can NOT guarantee No Fix - No Fee are:


  • Stripping down laptops for DC jack repairs if we do not believe that the repair is concerned with solely the DC Jack.
  • Stripping down tablets to ascertain the fault when they do not power-on.
  • Stripping down Smart Phones to ascertain the fault when they do not power-on.


If you are unclear on any of the above points, please just ask us.


We always make it very clear if a job is going to be chargable or not PRIOR to any work being done or costs being incurred.

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